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Review of the Samsung UE55F6740
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Середа, 14 травня 2014, 17:26
Company Samsung has imagined the updated TV sets of the latest series, which can be attributed to the average price range. The latest TV sets of the given model year possess high quality LCD panel family IPS, passive stereoscopic system Easy 3D, side LED - backlit and original system of illumination.
TV set LCD TV , as well as other models of the device Samsung, keeps the style of “Sense of Quartz”. Looks LCD TV quite presentable, and the clarity of the material better. Frame display very thin and literally not distract the eye from the image. Thickness of the body varies from 1, 58 to 6, 9 see the Upper part of the small, and in the lower part of the body is thickening, which concealed the content of TV and sound system. Color balance is built perfectly. Only light blue component begins to rise on the black shades. Through these actions, that the shadow of little painted blue. In other words the initial configuration of the television receiver is excellent. Any prominent refraction literally excluded, the scale of light-grey very clean and straight. So, third-party impurities in the image are missing. Color range with high accuracy suitable standard Rec. 709 (true cinema). Green slightly shifted hue, red lack of illumination, and the blue depths. That is, detailing options here too very, very good. The greatest error, oddly enough, is in the red color that has the perfect shade, but a little brightness.

Factory profiles Samsung UE55F6740 so bad that most of the audience is unlikely to be useful for something to be adjusted, except scene selection "Cinema" or "Game-original. In fact, the drill-the factory setting here not inferior to top-end models from Samsung or alternative trademarks. Actually, incremental settings here squalid: provides only a 2-point white balance and control the colors at all. But in this case there's been no expediency something to adjust that is acceptable to assume good compensation. In a television receiver Samsung UE55F6740 LCD panel family LCD TV, and high contrast in the amount with a wide corners of the review suggests that there is used a more recent generation. As usual, LCD TVs hardly conveys a dynamic scene. Alas, the image with the rapid movement of many loses quality. The viewing angles Samsung UE55F6740 display abound wide LCD panel LCD TV. When you look at the angle shades shifted slightly, and only dynamic contrast without jerks reduced. Instance Samsung UE55F6740 showed a good uniformity different parts of the display! Measurements Show that the variations in illumination in sufficiently small. The uniformity of illumination level. And this is a great benefit, it is rare LCD TV has a similar uniform. HD allows Samsung UE55F6740 to open personal talents in full force.

We spent a lot of time studying the test materials, demonstration videos, video games and HD movies on Samsung UE55F6740, and concluded that detail hardly inferior to any other LCD anlam with lateral illumination Edge LED, regardless of their status and value! In other words personal cash Samsung UE55F6740 works on all 100. The color reproduction is still not raise any claims. Compact versions do not spoil the impressions: the colors on the monitor realistic, with natural skin tones and without a mixture of neon on a light blue or greenish color. Usually kind of image is commonplace to see solely upon completion of individual calibration color, but Samsung has once again pleased high quality factory. Hence, TV shows of all kinds of videos without unnecessary interference is permissible not to worry about artificial "gag" or sick colors. TV receiver Samsung UE55F6740 became a landmark model in its own class.

If its not the highest value it combines a lot of advantages - high dynamic contrast ratio, good color reproduction, and good behavior in the games. Frankly, this set you can meet not yet in each of the top LCD TV with LED backlighting. Accordingly, private money is the most "honest" purchase, you will receive the product, the definition of which, obviously, albeit exceeds its value. The unprecedented luxury in our century, after the stated value is often not depend on the actual performance.

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